Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Don't you wish you were at the library that day?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I'm Only a Guest*

Last night I went with Ryan to go see Putting it Together at the Cornerstone Theatre in Canmore. (It was a really good show; I left feeling like I need more Sondheim in my life). SSo it is also dinner theatre, but because of the set up, it's family-style. So we're sitting at a table with 6 other people; the 4 at the other end are all together so we're sitting across from a couple of women.

Now it's a bit clear from the outset that they're not interested in making small talk with us, which is fine. But due to the close proximity of our seating, it was kinda impossible to NOT pay attention to them a little bit. They seemed to be a bit awkward with eachother, like they were on a 2nd or 3rd date. (Driving to Canmore seems like a bit much for a 1st date - hence the 2nd or 3rd). The point - we were sitting close enough that we could get a sense of what their relationship might be, and you would think they would get the same idea about us...

So I go to use the restroom after dessert and before the show, and while I'm gone the server brought a carafe of coffee for the table. The ladies help themselves, offer some to Ryan and then ask him if his "guest" would like some coffee. His "guest"? Who says that? We aren't bf/gf obvs ;) but I think our conversation during dinner made it pretty clear that we are friends, and very good friends at that...

It was so weird. Who says that? And then they left at intermission without paying for their drinks (granted the tab was only about $7.50 - yes I looked - but still...) Weird.

*Bonus if you know the movie the title of the post is from

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Olympic Moment

Yesterday was the big day. My time to shine. At approximately 10:37 AM MST I would carrying the Olympic Flame for 300m. Two blocks. 15th St to 13th St NW - along 20th Ave NW.

The whole event took about 3 hours from registering at a gathering point to being returned there by a shuttle bus after everyone in my group had completed their leg of the relay...

I was super-excited but a bit nervous about tripping or doing something else embarrassing... It all went off without a hitch. I wasn't able to get any photos myself during the day, but here are a few I've gotten so far...

{gathered for pre-run debriefing}

{waiting to board the shuttle bus}

{carrying the Torch}

{passing the Olympic Flame}

{with my nephews}

{the banner - click on an image to see the messages}

{kookie stationary}

Monday, January 11, 2010

It Arrived!!!

Check it:

I'll get a better picture next week so you can see the whole outfit + torch (and I don't have to balance the camera on my TV to take the picture). It's pretty awesome, I'm not gonna lie.

And I now have the awesome red mitts except maple leaf on the palm is a grip so I don't drop the torch!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Trade Day

So I've been in the cellar of my hockey pool for the last couple of months. I wasn't doing too badly at the start, I was holding my own around 7th or 8th place (out of 18 teams) That lasted about a month. And for about 6 weeks straight I had 5 (fairly seriously) injured players - one guy was hurt in the first game, the day of the draft... Since we don't have substitutions, if one guy gets hurt, it kinda sucks, if three get injured things aren't looking good, but with 5 injuries, you're S.O.L. I've slowly been climbing back - Markov has scored at least a point in every game he's been in since coming back.

So Trade Day was earlier this week. As the person in last place, I got to pick up the undrafted player with the most points (Plekanec) though sadly I don't get the points he'd scored to date - that would have made things way more interesting, IMHO. I also ditched one player who was performing so badly that it angered me just to see his name on my roster. I had to trade him. For my sanity. The trades would take effect the next day, but wouldn't you know it - that night, my team scored enough points to move me out of last place. It is all about pride after all.

Speaking of pride - gauntlets have been thrown. Apparently my team needs to step it up for the triathlon. There are a few other teams from my department that enter and last year one group got 3rd place. So yesterday, one of my co-worker teammates came in to find that someone had taken the 3rd place medal out of one office and put it on her desk. Overnight. and her office was locked. We have no idea who or how. Not that we're a threat. We're more interested in just finishing the race, let alone worrying about how well we do.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

What have I gotten myself into?!?!?

During a few work parties and some glasses of wine, I agreed to participate in a triathlon. A. Triathlon. Yeah.

It's actually not quite as bad as it sounds. It's a team-relay, so I'll only have to do on leg of the race - the cycling. And it's a sprint distance, so 17.5 km. But as with all those things we agree to in those moments, you're never quite sure how serious people are - if everyone says "I'll do it if you'll do it," will you actually do it? First day back at work, we signed up.

So on a (hopefully) mild April afternoon, I will be triathloning. I figured I should hit the gym and see how long it might take one to pedal 17.5 km, or if one could do it at all for that matter. The result wasn't terrible, but wasn't great either. I definitely have something to work towards over the next 3 months...

Sunday, December 20, 2009

O Christmas Tree...

On Thursday I went out and got my very own Christmas tree for the first time - a nice tiny little tree for my apartment. It's about 4' tall and was just big enough to fit all the decorations I have accrued over the years. I never bothered to decorate before as I've been traveling for Christmas over the past few years.

I also convinced my mom that she should give me the old ceramic table-top tree that my grandma made years ago, so now I have two trees!!

Though I'm not exactly sure when I'll have time to enjoy them. I think there is some sort of Holiday function every day for the next week. Not that I'm complaining ;) Tomorrow is work-related party 4/4 (yeah, I know I have an awesome job) and then lots of stuff with friends and family. Luckily, I'm almost done with the Christmas shopping - I only have to get my sister-in-law's gift(s). I'm not sure exactly what to get, but at least I know where to shop. I did finish making my nephews' gifts for Christmas though, which turned out pretty well: